Master Richard Edward Vrolijk

Rank Sa Dan (4th Dan)

My name is Richard Edward Vrolijk. I was born on the 23rd of July 1974 on the Caribbean Island of Aruba. As a young boy I was a very timid child. My father, Juan Jacobo Vrolijk, taught me a little bit about boxing. As a young man himself, and wanted to enter the police school, he acquired some basic movements. One day my father brought me to the most well-known Karate school on the island. I was 7 years old. 


The Aruba Korean Karate Institute was a traditional Korean Karate/ Tae Kwon Do school of Ji Do Kwan style. His founder Grandmaster Adolf Lichtenstaijn direct student of Henry S. Cho based in New York. My first instructor at that school was Master Eric Dania. 

I recall clearly the first time I completed and lost the match. I went back to my father’s car and cried my heart out. Once home I took away all the martial arts posters I had in my room. 'In order to win one must first learn to lose and learn to control one’s emotions'.


I reached my green belt before leaving and joining the Olympic style Taekwondo taught by Master Jose (Chaco) Cornelio, now WTF Kukkiwon Grandmaster, and former student of Grandmaster Adolf Lichtenstaijn. I practiced Olympic Tae Kwon Do for some times with Master Herrich Lo-A-Njoe 1986 (ITF/WTF).

For a long period, I tried other sports such as soccer, baseball, and windsurfing. But always training what I learned at home, so I won’t forget my technics. I always imagine building my own company in my backyard. 


In 1996 I went to study in The Netherlands. 


Early 1998 I met Master Aldwin Lee and Master Ruddy Monsanto. These two persons, mentors and old friends would forever change my life. Master Lee's doing was 5 minutes walking from my place. 

In 2001 while on a summer break Gihae Tang Soo Do was born. Together with my former partner succeeded in reviving Tang Soo Do on the Caribbean Island. 


Between 2001 and 2006 we brought Masters and grandmasters to the island. Master Aldwin Lee, Master Ruddy Monsanto, Grandmaster Richard Byrne, Master Herbert, Master Richard Arteca, Master Carmelo Rivera. Master Antonio Rivera years later too. 

I had the honor to meet Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin for the second time in Puerto Rico in 2005. In 2007 because of differences in policy with my former partner about Gihae Tang Soo Do Studio, 

I left the school to open a new one Aruba Tang Soo Do Shi Sun. Later I voluntary left the WTSDA and went independent in search of another home. 


2007 marked the year I contacted my friend and brother Master Paulina in Curacao. Long story short it would take another 9 years before we finally could meet. 


In 2015 I organized my first international Tang Soo Do championship. Years without seeing each other I finally met with Master Raul Luis Torres Melendez from Puerto Rico who came well prepared to get me on board with Pan American Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan®, now the Bi Sang Kwan Association. 


After a few months in 2016 I finally joined the Bi Sang Kwan as well as the World General Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan® Federation. 

In 2016 I met with Grandmaster Koe in Puerto Rico. I also had the honor to meet Grandmaster Saffold and Senior Master de Fosses. Not to forget Kjn Pablo Vangas and Kjn Faundes from Chile. Before the end of that trip we agreed to organize a symposium the next year in Aruba where I tested for my Master Rank. 

I love my Bi Sang Kwan family and my World General Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan® family.

Tang Soo!

Phone: (297) 592-2847